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  Does my Antivirus work?

For permanent protection against viruses you should have an antivirus installed, updated and properly configured. The objective of this page is to test if your antivirus is working correctly and protecting you from malicious code.

In order to do so, several tests are performed, using an inoffensive file created by the EICAR organization. For more information on this file and EICAR click here.

Available tests

The following tests involve attempting to enter the EICAR file into your PC while you are connected to the Internet. If your antivirus is working properly the file should be intercepted.

Note: If your PC is part of a corporate environment it is possible your antivirus has not detected the EICAR file, even though you are being adequately protected. This could be due to the existence of a firewall or proxy, which could prevent the EICAR file from reaching your PC.