Anti-ransomware stops cybercriminals from encrypting your files and demanding a ransom to release them.

Panda Dome’s anti-ransomware uses behavior-based detection, file access control, and whitelisting to protect your files and data from ransomware. It also generates backup copies to recover files in the event of infection.

Supported platforms:

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Supported platforms:

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What is Panda Dome’s anti-ransomware?

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Anti-ransomware is a crucial feature designed to protect your files and data against ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts your files and then demands a ransom to unlock them. This feature comprises:

Data shield

The data protection included in Panda Security's anti-ransomware prevents access to sensitive data by any application not considered safe by our experts. This protection enables you to configure the paths where sensitive data is stored, the applications that can access those locations, and the action to take if a non-whitelisted application tries to access that information (ask or block).

Decoy files

These are files that the product stores in various locations on a computer to use as bait and monitor. If these files are altered in any way, an event is registered with the behavior detection engine. This action is likely to classify the root process as ransomware. This will cause it to be sent to quarantine and prevent the file from being encrypted on the device.

Shadow copies

Shadow copies are a feature on Windows operating systems that enable you to create snapshots or backup copies of the files and folders on a device at any given time time. These shadow copies are used to restore previous versions of files or folders in the event of data loss, file corruption, or any other issue affecting the data on a device. Your Panda Dome product enables you to configure the percentage of disk space dedicated to shadow copies, although the 10 percent allocated by default should be sufficient in most cases.

How does the Panda Dome anti-ransomware work?

Our anti-ransomware uses behavior-based detection, file access control, and white-listing to protect your most sensitive files and data:

Detection of unusual behavior

Panda Security uses a behavior-based approach to detect suspicious activity on your systems. This involves continually monitoring the behavior of programs and files in real time to detect unusual patterns of behavior or sudden changes.

File access control

We monitor and manage access to your critical files and folders. When we detect an unauthorized program or process trying to modify or encrypt your files, an alarm is triggered and the malicious action is automatically blocked.


Panda Dome enables users to create whitelists of trusted applications and files. This ensures that legitimate applications run smoothly, yet unauthorized access attempts are blocked.

Real-time protection

As with its antimalware feature, Panda Dome’s anti-ransomware works in real time, meaning it is constantly monitoring your system as you use it. This ensures you are constantly protected against ransomware.

Automatic backups

From Panda Dome Advanced, Panda Security gives you the option to make automatic backup copies of your important files. This is useful if a ransomware attack occurs, and your files are encrypted. It means you will be able to restore your data from backup copies without having to pay the ransom.

Regular updates

Panda Dome’s anti-ransomware is updated regularly to make sure it can always detect the latest ransomware threats and adapt its detection methods accordingly.

Worried that your PC could be hijacked by ransomware?

Then you need protection such as Panda Dome Advanced.

Panda Dome Advanced
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Shield all personal, sensitive and confidential files on your computer in a virtual safe that no one will be able to access. Antivirus, anti-malware, parental control para to protect your money, your family and your identity.

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