Parental control

Keep your children safe online with our parental control feature: for peace of mind on the Internet.

Panda Dome’s parental control is a feature that enables you to monitor and manage your children's online activity to make sure they stay safe when using the Internet.

Supported platforms

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Supported platforms

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What is parental control?

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Parental control is a tool that enables parents and guardians to supervise and restrict online activity of young people on electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets. Its main aim is to protect children and adolescents from inappropriate content and other online dangers and to help establish time limits on the use of technology, thereby ensuring a safe and healthy digital environment for young people.

How does Panda Dome parental control work?

Panda Dome parental control provides parents with the ability to locate their loved ones in real time, as well as monitoring and controlling their use of mobile devices. Here’s how it works:

Create a Panda Security account

To get started, you will need a Panda Dome account and make sure you are using a version that includes parental control. To find out which Panda Dome plans include parental control, visit our Products area.

Create user profiles

You can create user profiles for all of your children. This will enable you to personalize the restrictions and settings for each of them.

Content filters

Panda Dome provides content filters that can be configured in accordance with the age of each child. You can block specific websites or inappropriate content categories, such as violence, pornography, or drugs. For more details about dangerous content on the Internet, see our Security Info area.

Usage time limits

Puedes establecer límites de tiempo para el uso de dispositivos. Esto asegura que tus hijos no pasen demasiado tiempo en línea y se centren en otras actividades.

Supervision of apps and games

Panda Dome enables you to see which apps and games are being used on your children's devices. And you can block apps or games that you consider inappropriate.

Monitoring online activity

Panda Dome’s parental control gives you reports about your children's online activity. You can see what websites they have visited and how much time they spent online.

Alerts and notifications

You can configure alerts and notifications to make sure you are informed of any inappropriate activity or when time limits are reached.

Geolocation and panic button

Some versions of Panda Dome, such as plans that include Panda Dome Family, also provide you the ability to track your children's devices, a useful feature to ensure their safety. They also include a panic button which they can use in case of imminent danger.

Remote access

You can manage and monitor parental controls from anywhere through the Panda Dome app or online platform.

Updates and settings

As your children grow, you can adjust parental control settings to adapt to their changing needs.

Would you like to purchase Panda Security’s parental control?

Panda Dome Family
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Panda Dome Family is a complete online security and parental control solution. It helps parents manage and supervise their children's online activities and protect them from potential online threats.

$ 24.74

$ 32.99

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Parental control is included in these Panda Dome plans: Panda Dome Advanced, Panda Dome Complete and Panda Dome Premium.