Update manager

Panda Dome helps keep your computer up to date and prevents security breaches on your device.

Keep applications on your devices updated with the latest available patches, thereby minimizing the risk of exposure to different types of threats.

Supported platforms:

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Supported platforms:

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What is the Panda Dome update manager?

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One of the main entry points for malware is through vulnerability exploits, either in operating systems or other programs installed on a device. It is vital that all your devices are kept up to date with the latest available updates to avoid any such security breaches.

Updating the programs on your computer can be complex, since each program developer has its own update method.

Panda Dome includes a patch management feature that not only simplifies updating devices, but also provides added value by indicating the importance of each patch in terms of the security risk.

How does the Panda Dome update manager work?

The update manager keeps systems up to date automatically. It operates in the background, checking for available updates, such as new features, security patches, or updated virus signatures. It comprises these features:


Here you can find all the information you might need:

  • Actions pending since the last scan.
  • Device status summary.
  • Date of last scan.
  • Detection of unsafe programs with vulnerabilities or that are no longer updated.
  • Button for launching new computer vulnerability scans.
  • Scan scheduling and protection settings.
  • History of patches applied.


The patch management feature scans your device for outdated programs. A catalog needs to be updated before scanning.


When the scan is complete, it shows the list of programs to update, including detailed information, such as the application name, vendor, severity and name of the vulnerability so you have information at all times about the risks to which your device may be exposed.


For each program detected and included in the list, the product provides the possibility of applying the patch separately, or ignoring it. It also includes an option to update all programs at the same time.


After the patches to be applied are selected, the product automatically downloads the updates and applies them in the corresponding order.

Scheduled scans/settings

As mentioned, our update manager is designed to work automatically and save you the headaches of applying patches to programs. You can however configure these options:

  • Frequency.
  • Type of scan (quick / complete).

The update manager is included only in Panda Dome Premium

Panda Dome Premium
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The most complete plan in the Panda Dome line. It provides antivirus and antiransomware protection in addition to ensuring your privacy through file encryption and VPN premium. It improves the performance of your devices and enables you to manage all your passwords.

$ 83.99

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