PC optimization and cleanup

Speed up, optimize, and increase your devices' lifespan and performance

Panda Dome provides you with an optimization and cleaning tool to improve the performance of your device.

Supported platforms:

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Supported platforms:

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What does improving your device performance mean?

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Optimizing your device's performance means making your device run faster and more efficiently. This is achieved by optimizing its operation so tasks are performed faster and without problems.

What are the benefits of cleaning up your PC?

A thorough cleaning and optimization of a device has these benefits:


Apps and programs open faster, and tasks are completed with less delay.

Quicker response

Devices respond more quickly to requests and commands.

Improved stability

Fewer crashes and unexpected program shutdowns.

Improved energy efficiency

Extended battery life on mobile devices.

Efficient resource use

System resources such as memory and CPU are used more efficiently, allowing more tasks to run at the same time without overloading the device.

Greater storage capacity

Removing unnecessary files frees up space on your hard drive or device memory.

Improved user experience

Overall, it results in a better, uninterrupted user experience.

Learn how Panda Dome optimizes your device

The Panda Dome cleaning and optimization tool is designed to achieve the following:

Removing temporary files

Panda Dome scans your device for temporary files, caches, and obsolete registry entries that are no longer required. Such files accumulate over time and occupy space on your hard drive.

Registry optimization

Errors can be remedied in the Windows registry, a database that stores operating system settings and options. Registry optimization can improve the performance of your device.

Program uninstallation

This feature helps you remove unwanted programs and residual files that may remain on the system after software uninstallation.

Boot manager

This enables you to determine which programs run on Windows startup, something that can speed up the boot process.

Which products from the Panda Dome line help improve the performance of my PC?

Panda Dome Cleanup
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Panda Cleanup improves your device's performance by deleting temporary files, optimizing the system registry, uninstalling unwanted programs, and performing other maintenance tasks.

$ 20.99

$ 27.99

-25% discount

Panda CleanUp is also included in these Panda Dome plans: Panda Dome Advanced, Panda Dome Complete and Panda Dome Premium.

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