Antivirus is anti-malware protection that prevents, detects, and eliminates viruses from your devices.

The Panda Dome antivirus line protects any device against a broad spectrum of threats, including viruses, malware, and spyware.


Supported platforms:

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Supported platforms:

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How does the Panda Dome antivirus work?

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Panda Dome’s antivirus protection is a key feature of the Panda Security protection suite. Its main functions are:

Real-time detection

Panda Dome’s antivirus protection for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operates in real time, constantly monitoring the files and processes on your system as you use them. It scans any activity for potential threats and monitors any suspicious behavior.

Signature database

Panda Dome is based on an extensive database of known malware signatures. Whenever a file is opened or run on your devices, Panda compares its signature with the database to check whether or not it is a malicious file. If it matches a known malware signature, it is automatically blocked.

Advanced heuristic scanning

In addition to known signatures, Panda Dome uses advanced heuristic scanning techniques. This means suspicious behavior of files or programs can be identified by the antivirus, even if they are not stored in the signature database. This helps identify new and unknown threats.

Automatic updates

To stay up to date with the latest threats, our antivirus protection is frequently and automatically updated. This ensures it is able to detect and remove the latest threats.

Quarantine and removal

If the antivirus detects a malicious file or program, it quarantines it to prevent it from causing damage to the system. You can then choose to delete the file or restore it, if it is a false positive.

Real-time protection

Panda Dome’s antivirus not only runs when you perform on-demand scans, but also provides real-time protection while you use your device. This ensures constant protection against all types of threats.

Customizable settings

Panda Dome provides customizable settings so users can set the level of protection in accordance with their circumstances and preferences.

On-demand scans

You can run different types of on-demand scans of a device:

  • Scan of critical areas. Scans the areas of your computer where malware is most commonly found (memory processes, cookies, etc.).
  • Full scan. Scans the entire computer.
  • Custom scan. Enables you to select the folders and areas you want to scan.

You can also schedule scans so they run periodically (daily, weekly, monthly).

Our antivirus protection incorporates these detection techniques


  • Collective Intelligence.

  • Heuristic technologies, both local and in the cloud.

  • Local signatures.

  • Anti-exploit technology.

  • Behavior-based protection through event technologies and rules against dangerous actions.

Are you worried that your PC is infected by a virus?

Then you need protection such as Panda Dome Essential

Panda Dome Essential
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Protect your Windows device against all types of viruses and malware. Browse and shop online safely and protect your Wi-Fi network.

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