Password manager

Securely store, organize, and protect all your passwords.

With Panda Dome, you can manage all your passwords easily and securely, keeping your personal information safe.

Supported platforms:

Android iOS Chrome Edge Firefox
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Supported platforms:

Android iOS Chrome Edge Firefox
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What is the Panda Dome password manager?

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It is not advisable to use a single password for all your services. Panda Dome's password manager stores individual passwords for each service you use, enabling you to use stronger passwords that are more difficult to hack, while only having to remember a single, master password.

How does the Panda Dome password manager work?

The Panda Dome cybersecurity suite provides a password manager to securely store and manage passwords and credentials for accessing your online accounts. Its main function is to facilitate password management thanks to:

Secure storage

The password manager stores all your passwords in a secure database, which is encrypted with a master password. This master password is then the only one you have to remember and provide to access the password manager.

Strong password generation

Password managers often have password generators that help you create strong and unique passwords for each of your accounts. This is an important security measure, as weak passwords are easier to hack.

Auto-complete and auto-save

Whenever you visit a website or application that requires a password, the password manager can populate login fields automatically with stored information. It can also save new passwords automatically when you create them.

Security and encryption

The information in the password manager is encrypted, so only you, with the master password, can access your passwords. This provides an additional layer of security.

Credit card numbers

Users can automatically complete their payment card details when shopping online, faster, easier, and more securely.

Secure notes

Panda Dome enables you to store notes securely. These notes are protected with your master password and are synchronized across all your devices.

Device synchronization

Most password managers enable you to synchronize your passwords and data across multiple devices, such as your computer, phone, and tablet, so you always have access to your passwords whenever you need them.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Panda Dome Passwords supports two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of security to your accounts.

How can you get the Panda Dome password manager?

Panda Dome Passwords
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Panda Dome Passwords is a password manager designed to help you manage and protect your passwords and credentials securely.

$ 26.39

$ 32.99

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Panda Dome Passwords is also included in these Panda Dome plans: Panda Dome Complete or Panda Dome Premium.

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