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Recommended by our customers

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Why Strong Passwords Matter


We all use passwords to safeguard some of our most confidential information — from work log-ins and bank statements to medical and financial records.


For many online systems, the only thing that keeps your personal information from falling into the hands of a hacker is your password.


Given that there’s been a 24 percent increase in the number of data breaches caused by malicious attacks since 2014, improving your password hygiene is more critical than ever. DSM

What Makes a Strong Password?


When it comes to protecting your data, passwords matter more than you might think.


More than 80 percent of hacking-related breaches are caused by stolen and reused passwords, and four in ten Americans have had their personal data compromised online.

Securing your online data starts with a strong password — here are some best practices to keep in mind.

A 12-character password takes 62 trillion times longer to crack than a six-character password. Strengthen your password security by using the random password generator to create a unique password for every online account. For further protection, implement a free antivirus program to cover all your bases and keep hackers at bay.

Stop reusing passwords!

Hackers have many way of stealing your passwords.


If you still believe your passwords are not strong enough, you can download our password manager Panda Dome Passwords. Our password manager does it all for you.


Manage your passwords with one master password and generate new ones with military-grade encryption.


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