Panda Security’s cybersecurity solutions have been recognized by the independent consultancy Virus Bulletin, which specializes in the prevention, detection, and elimination of malicious software and spam.

The publication, which regularly features analyses of the latest virus threats and evaluations of the leading anti-malware products on the market, has awarded Panda Endpoint Protection the VB100 certificate in the most recent comparative examination of 2016 with Windows 10 Pro.

Panda Security consistently maintains excellent results in the latest tests, placing the Spanish company in a privileged position.

See the complete report with study results here.

Quality Assurance Certification

Windows 10 has become the predetermined OS for Windows launched by Microsoft. There have been various issues which have set off alarm bells for some of the most cautious users.

The first characteristic of Microsoft’s new operating system that we should be aware of is that it has been designed like a cloud service. This means that now, whether you like it or not, you will share more information than ever with Microsoft. Fortunately, there are some things that you can configure to minimize the damage if you consider this to be a threat to your security.

Another of the characteristics of Windows 10 that has caused much debate is the “Advertisement ID”. It is basically a code, a unique identification number, which works like the cookies of a webpage.

For some, the new location options that Microsoft has included may feel invasive. Also potentially invasive is the fact that, as happens with Apple’s Siri or with Google Now, this tool requires access to large quantities of personal information in order to respond to whatever questions a user may ask it.

If this new operating system still hasn’t convinced you, and you’d prefer to keep your information private after installing Windows 10, the most advisable course of action would be to turn to a good cybersecurity solution such as the one offered by Panda Security, compatible with Windows 10 and vouched for by Virus Bulletin.