Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, today announced that Panda Cloud Office Protection (PCOP) has been awarded VB100 certification after being tested alongside 31 other security solutions in Virus Bulletin’s recent independent comparative review on Windows Server 2012. This is the first time that PCOP, Panda Security’s security and productivity control tool for corporate environments, earns this certification since the prestigious testing laboratory introduced cloud-based solutions in its reviews.

The comparative review was conducted on a system running Windows Server 2012. Testing was made up of three main parts: on-demand tests, on-access tests, and false positive tests. Panda Cloud Office Protection achieved a 100% detection rate for malware samples listed as “In the Wild” by the WildList Organization and had zero false positives.

Virus Bulletin highlighted the high malware detection rate of Panda Cloud Office Protection, one of the reasons that most contributed to the VB100 certification.

“We thank Virus Bulletin for bestowing this award upon us. This certification showcases our success in developing value-added products that offer reliable protection for organizations”, said Manuel Santamaría, Product Managing Director at Panda Security. “Panda Security pioneered the field of cloud-based IT security with Panda Cloud Office Protection, the first cloud-based solution on the market to offer security as a service for corporate environments. This certification is recognition of our efforts to develop and offer products with the highest malware detection rates on the market”.

Maximum Protection from the Cloud

Since the initial launch of Panda Cloud Office Protection, many companies around the world are enjoying the best cloud-based antivirus protection in the simplest, quickest and most efficient way. The latest versions of the product include Panda Security’s new anti-exploit technology, capable of detecting malware like Blackhole or Redkit that exploits zero-day vulnerabilities in Java, Adobe or Microsoft Office, among others, before infecting users’ computers.

Additionally, thanks to Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence system, the anti-exploit technology not only detects new malware variants before they have been identified, but also protects organizations in real time. An example of this type of exploit, which has caused thousands of infections over the last few months, is the infamous “Police Virus”.

More information about Panda Cloud Office Protection is available here.