We are extremely happy to announce that after many years we have started participating again in the VB100 tests. We have not done so before mainly because their testing methodology did not consider cloud-scanning. But they have recently implemented cloud-scanning in their test methodologies and we started participating again.

VB100 certification is granted to products that prove a 100% detection rate for malware samples listed as “In the Wild” by the WildList Organization. To display a VB100 logo, a product must generate no false positives when scanning an extensive set of goodware samples. The comparative review was conducted on a system running Windows 7 Professional. Testing was made up of three main parts: on-demand tests, on-access tests, and false positive tests. Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro obtained a 100% perfect result in the on-demand and on-access tests, as well as zero false positives.

Additionally, Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro recorded an installation time of 30 seconds, the fastest of all tested products. Virus Bulletin also praised the product’s interface and ease of use.

More information at http://www.virusbtn.com/vb100/archive/test?recent=1