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What is the Panda Full Encryption Recovery Key and how can I get it?

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Panda Full Encryption

When an anomalous situation is detected in a computer protected with Panda Full Encryption or in case we have forgotten the access password, the system will request a 48-digit recovery key. This key is managed from the administration console and must be entered to complete the start of the computer. Each encrypted volume will have its own independent recovery key.

Panda Full Encryption only stores the recovery keys of the computers it manages. The administration console will not show the recovery keys of the computers encrypted by the user and not managed by Panda Security.

The recovery key is requested in the scenarios shown below:
  • When the PIN or passphrase is entered incorrectly and repeatedly in the process of starting the equipment.
  • When a protected device with TPM detects a change in the boot sequence (hard disk protected by TPM and connected to another device).
  • When the base plate of the equipment has been changed and therefore the TPM.
  • When deactivating, disabling or deleting the contents of the TPM.
  • When changing the configuration values ??of the equipment startup.
  • When changing the boot process of the equipment:
    • BIOS update.
    • Firmware update.
    • Update of the UEFI.
    • Modification of the boot sector.
    • Modification of the master boot record.
    • Modification of the boot manager.
    • Change of firmware implemented in certain components that are part of the process of starting the equipment (video cards, disk controllers etc) known as Option ROM.
    • Change of other components that intervene in the initial phases of system startup.
How to obtain the Recovery Key

To obtain the recovery key, and provided you have the permission Access recovery keys for encrypted drives in Settings, Users, Roles - Access Recovery key for encrypted drives you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Aether platorm console, go to the Computers tab and select the computer you need to recover the key for.
  2. Then, in the Details section, Authentication method, you will find the Recovery key.

IMPORTANT - Can I get my Recovery Key after my Panda Full Encryption license expires?

Only for some time after your Panda Full Encryption expires. Therefore, we highly recommend that you decrypt those computers whose Panda Full Encryption licenses are about to expire. The reason why is because, otherwise, you will not be able to retrieve the Recovery Key from the Aether console, should you have access problems in the endpoint.

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