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What are Panda Data Control general settings?

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Panda Data Control

Panda Data Control general settings
Follow these steps to access the Panda Data Control settings screen:
  1. Click the Settings menu at the top of the console. Then, click Personal data from the left-hand side menu.
  2. Click the Add button. This will open the Panda Data Control settings window.
Enabling personal data monitoring
Panda Data Control searches for and monitors the PII files stored on an organization's network in the same way as Adaptive Defense scans user files for viruses.

PII file monitoring
Panda Data Control monitors all actions performed on files identified as PII files. These files contain personal data (national identification numbers, first and last names, addresses, etc.) of an organization's employees, customers, contractors, etc.

For Panda Data Control to start monitoring the actions performed on the PII files found on your workstations and servers, select the Enable personal data monitoring option.

Full file system scanning
Panda Data Control performs a full scan of your computers' file system, looking for PII files and generating a database with the personal data found. Every time there is an update of the personal data identification technology, the Panda Adaptive Defense 360 software will once again check your computers' file system in order to update its database.
  • It is not necessary (or possible) to scan your network on demand. The service will automatically run a full file system scan every time there is an update of the Data Control intelligence, as well as the first time that the feature is enabled.
Follow these steps for Panda Adaptive Defense 360 to run a full scan of your computers' file system searching for personal data:
  • Select the Search for personal data on the entire computer (recommended) option.
Searching for computers that don't meet the Panda Data Control requirements
To be able to search within file contents, Panda Data Control requires that the target computers have all iFilter components associated with its supported file formats installed.

To find those computers that don't have some or any of the necessary components for Microsoft Office, follow the steps below:
  • Click the Check now link displayed on the settings screen. You'll be taken to the Computers screen, which will show a computer list filtered by the following criterion: Computers without Microsoft Filter Pack.
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