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How to deploy agents over a network using the Systems Management Agent LanDeploy feature

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Systems Management

The PCSM Agent LanDeploy feature is a method of deployment subject to certain pre requisites and it is, therefore, not recommended for larger networks. For networks with a domain controller, the PCSM Active Directory deployment method is the recommended method of installation in this instance.


  • Remote access to the Admin$ share must be enabled to initiate the deployment.
    • From Windows Vista onwards, UAC has by default required elevated privileges to access the administrative shares. Either UAC is disabled on the device(s) or a registry entry is made to enable this share. Details on this can be found here: Microsoft KB article (951016).
    • Windows XP Home will not work as this does not have the required administrative shares for PsExec to run.
  • File and printer sharing must be enabled on the devices you wish to deploy to.
  • Ports 445 and 139 must be open.
  • You cannot authenticate as a user with a blank password. The user account with the correct permissions to enable an install must have a password to work using PsExec.
  • This process assumes that all antivirus programs are set to allow the use of PsExec, which can stop the use of this program.

Steps to initiate LAN Deploy

  1. Connect to a device which is on the local network of the devices you wish to deploy to via the PCSM Agent.
  2. Click the Deploy tool button Deploy tool button.

    Device connection
  3. The new tab displayed will be split into two. At the top, click the Device Discover button and a scan process will start. All the devices within the same domain or workgroup will be listed.
  4. Select the devices you wish to deploy to.
  5. Click the Deploy button.

    Agent Deployment
  6. Enter the credentials for the deployment, if you haven't already done so via the Settings button. This part assumes that all devices on the local LAN have a username and password that are exactly the same and that all those users have appropriate permissions to install the agent.
  7. At this point, the deployment to the devices will be initiated.
    1. Each device deployed to will be listed in the bottom window and refreshed their deployment status every 2 seconds.
    2. The results of each device's deployment will be recorded in the Installed, Date and Output columns. Extended deployment information will appear upon mouse-over of the records in the PSExec Output column.
    3. There is also an option to add device names manually in the lower window. Once these devices are entered, deployment begins.

      Note: There are several error codes that can come out of the deployment but these are arbitrary and the error is better described using what is stated in step 7.2.

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