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How to get updated information about a file's classification in Advanced Reporting Tool

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Adaptive DefenseAdaptive Defense 360
Adaptive Defense 360 on Aether PlatformAdaptive Defense on Aether Platform

Adaptive Defense's detection platform constantly scans the files seen on customers' IT networks. That's why a file's classification may change from the value it had when the initial data was sent to the Advanced Reporting Tool platform.

However, the event information logged in the event table (ops, sockets, etc.) is not changed. This is to allow administrators to analyze situations and events at the time they took place. Nevertheless, if from the time that an event took place up to the present time, the classification of the file or files related to the event changes, it is possible to check those changes via the Category function, as explained below.

For example, if the Ops or Sockets tables contain files (related to an event's parent and child processes) with the value monitoring in the category field (cat), you can use the category function to find out the updated value of the files' classification.

To do that, create a field whose value is the result of searching in the table the hash of files with initial category 'monitoring'. Follow the steps below:

  • Create a new field (UpdatedCat for example). This field will be the result of searching a hash (childhash, for example) in the categories table.

  • Search for the new value of those hashes whose initial category was ?monitoring?. In our example, filter the table to display those records with childCat monitoring.

  • Check the new values of the hashes by filtering or grouping by the UpdatedCat field.

If the value returned by this function is null, it means that the file's classification has not changed.

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