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How do I install the Panda Security for Exchange Servers protection?

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Panda for Exchange

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Windows NT 4.0 ServerWindows NT 4.0 Enterprise Server
Windows 2000 ServerWindows Server 2003
Windows 2000 Advanced ServerWindows Server 2008

Panda Security for Exchange Servers antivirus is installed from Panda AdminSecure Console. Before proceeding, read about the Panda Security for Exchange Servers installation requirements.

How to install the ExchangeSecure protection

  1. Access the machine where you have Panda AdminSecure installed.
  2. Run the Console. To do this, click Start -> Programs -> Panda AdminSecure -> AdminSecure Console.
  3. Once you have selected this option, the administration console will open.
  4. Select Control Panel in the organization tree of the AdminSecure console and select the servers in which you will install ExchangeSecure.
  5. Click Install protection or select Install in the Antivirus menu. You can also use the menu that appears when you right-click the organization tree.

    You will only be able to install the ExchangeSecure protection in those computers on which the agent has been installed and registered by Panda Administration Server. Read more information about how to distribute the agent in network computers.
  6. The window of the antivirus installation wizard will open.
  7. A screen showing the three protection units (Antivirus, Content Filter and Anti-spam) appears.
  8. You will be asked for the ExchangeSecure version you want to distribute, the language and a user with administrator rights on the Exchange server in the format DOMAIN\USER. Click Next.

    Note: In Exchange Servers 2007/2010, no user name is required for installation.
  9. Finally, several tasks will be generated to install the antivirus in each selected computer.

Installation is not an immediate process. The tasks will be run gradually to prevent the network from being overloaded with information.

If there is already an antivirus installed in the Exchange Server to which Panda Security for Exchange Servers is distributed, remember that you will have to uninstall it before starting installation from Panda AdminSecure.

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