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How can I install an additional AdminSecure Repository Server?

Informações se aplicam a:

Panda for Desktops
Panda for File Servers (Windows)
Panda for Exchange
Panda for Domino
Panda for ISA

Panda AdminSecure Repository Server is where the installation packages of the different protections and their respective updates are kept.

How to add a Panda AdminSecure Repository Server

To carry out these steps, you need to use the Corporate Solutions Disk1 or Corporate Solutions with TruPrevent® Technologies Disk1 in the computer in which you want to locate the new repository. Once you have started up the CD-ROM, you will see a short presentation followed by the menu. When you see the menu on the screen, do the following:

  1. Select the Language for the installation guide from those available in the menu.
  2. Select AdminSecure.
  3. The installation wizard welcome screen appears, click Next to continue.
  4. The License agreement window will appear. Read it carefully and select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click Next.
    If you do not accept the terms, the installation process will be canceled.
  5. Enter or edit your User Name or Password provided by Panda. Click Next to continue.

    If you have forgotten these details, access the User name/password reminder site.

    If you do not have them at the moment, you can continue with installation. However, remember that you will need them to update the product or access associated services.
  6. Select Install Panda AdminSecure and click Next.
  7. Select Custom installation, and click Next.
  8. A window is displayed with the installation type, select Install additional components and click Next.
  9. Select the option Install additional repository and press Next.
  10. Next you will have to indicate the name of the system where the Administration Server is installed. Remember this will be the computer where all the components of the AdminSecure were originally installed.

    If the user account you are using to carry out the installation process does not have administration rights in the computer in which Administration Server is being installed, a validation window will appear in which you must enter the credentials of a user who does have these permissions.
  11. Select the update source for the new repository: From the Internet (you must configure if you use a proxy to access the Internet) or from another existing repository.
  12. Next, you will see the screen for choosing the location of the repository files. Click Next to install in the recommended folder. If you want to change the one selected by default, click Browse and once selected, click Next.
  13. Next, the program’s components will start to be copied. At the end, you will see the final window with the installation result.

Once all these steps have been carried out, you will have the new additional AdminSecure Repository Server installed in your system.

Additional information

Read more information about the minimum requirements for installing an additional Panda AdminSecure Repository Server.

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