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How to use Wake up utility in Systems Management

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Systems Management

Wake up is an Agent Browser utility that uses the Wake-on-LAN Magic packet to wake up devices. Wake up requires an online device with a PCSM agent on the same subnet as the devices to wake up.

How do I wake up devices?

  1. Login to the Agent Browser.
  2. Select a device from the profile to use as the Waking up device.
  3. Click on either Tools > Wake up or click the Wake up icon.
  4. The Wake up window will now be open and display all of the offline devices in the profile.
  5. Select the devices that require waking and click the Wake up button.

Additional information

  • What is Wake on LAN?
    Wake-on-LAN is an industry standard protocol for waking computers up from a sleep power mode remotely.
  • How can I check Wake on LAN is enabled?
    There are a few areas to check and troubleshooting methods to undergo. These are:
    • Check in the BIOS if the Wake on LAN is enabled, this is “usually” under a Power or Advanced menu depending on BIOS version.
    • Check UDP ports 7 and 9 are enabled as these are used by “Magic Packets”.
    • Under Settings >> Control Panel >> System >> Hardware, check the Device Manager. Select Network adapters >> NIC being used >> Advanced > Wake on Magic Packet > Value Enabled.

  • I have tried to run the Wake on LAN application yet the machine isn't waking up.
    To test if this is an issue with the machine, there are a few free-ware applications available on the web. An example of this is SolarWinds; this will ask for the MAC address and IP of the target device and then send the magic packets to wake the machine up.
  • Can I wake up the machine if it's in hibernation?
    Yes this is possible, providing the machine has been set up/configured correctly as shown in the second question above.

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