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Installation of Adaptive Defense and Endpoint Protection in Android devices

You can install Adaptive Defense 360 on Android devices manually by downloading the installer from the console or emailing the download URL to end users.

The process to install Adaptive Defense 360 on Android devices has the peculiarity that, once you have installed the protection, it is necessary to take the additional step of adding the Android device to a computer group in the Adaptive Defense 360 Web console.

This way, the Web console will be aware of the existence of the device and will show it on the list of protected computers.

Installing the protection by sending the download URL

In this case, the protection is installed from the Android device through an installation URL sent by email.
In the Adaptive Defense 360 Web console, select the group to which you want to add the device (the Default group is selected by default). Then, click Send by email.
End users will automatically receive an email message with two URLs. The first one is the installation URL. Clicking it takes the user to the Adaptive Defense 360 page in Google Play to install the protection.
Once the protection has been installed, it will be necessary to open Adaptive Defense 360 from the device and click the second URL included in the email.

Installing the protection from the Web console

To install the protection from the console, the user must access the Adaptive Defense 360 console from their Android device and click the Android icon in the Installation menu.

There, they can choose between installing the protection using a QR code or from the Google Play Store. To read the QR code it is necessary to have a QR scanner such as Barcode Scanner installed on the device.

After the Adaptive Defense 360 agent has been installed on the Android device, this will have to be linked to a specific group. To do that, it will be necessary to select in the console the relevant
group using the Group drop-down menu, and tap Add this device to the group on the Android device to scan the second QR code displayed.

Internet access requirements

Communication with the server

DMP integration

Snap the Thief

Updates and upgrades

Collective Intelligence

Push notifications

For push notifications to work properly it will be necessary to open ports 5228, 5229 and 5230 to all IP addresses contained in the IP blocks listed in Google's ASN of 15169.

Hardware and software requirements

Adaptive Defense 360 is compatible with all Android devices with version 2.3 Gingerbread or later. The solution requires 15 MB of free space in the device's internal memory to work properly.

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