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Remotely accessing your network computers with Endpoint Protection’s remote control tools

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From version 5.50, Endpoint Protection lets administrators access computers on their network through multiple remote control tools, provided they are previously installed on their computers.

Refer to the help article What remote control tools can I use to access my computers from the Endpoint Protection console? for more information about these tools and how to use them.

If the computer to access has any of these tools installed, an icon will be displayed in the computer list in the PCOP client console. Go to PCOP’s Computers tab to view the list.

The remote access tools are also accessible through the computer details screen. This screen will show all of the remote control tools supported by PCOP (see the note below regarding the VNC tools). The tools installed on the computer will appear enabled.

If the computer has several tools installed, you’ll have to select the one to use.

  • If the computer has only one tool installed, click the icon to access it through single sign-on. The relevant login credentials must have been previously saved. Learn more about how to configure these credentials.
  • If the administrator tries to access a computer remotely but has not entered the relevant credentials, a message will be displayed prompting them to enter the details.
  • If the computer has several tools installed (provided they are not two VNC tools, in which case only one of them will be displayed), a message or tooltip will be shown on clicking the remote access icon or passing the mouse pointer over it. This message will show the remote access tools available to users.

    Note: If the computer has different VNC tools installed, you will only be able to use one of them. The tools must be used in the following order:
    • RealVNC
    • UltraVNC
    • TightVNC

      The tooltip will show the icon of the VNC tool to use.
  • If the computer does not have any remote control tools installed, no icon will be displayed.

You can also access the computers that appear in the Unprotected tab provided they have remote control tools installed. This is very useful to check errors on computers whose status information is Installing the protection, Uninstalling the protection, etc

You will not be able to remotely access unprotected computers with any of the following status values:

  • Installing
  • Uninstalling
  • Error installing
  • Error uninstalling

Finally, you cannot access computers with the following status information:

  • Discovered
  • Uninstalled

Users with remote access permissions

Not all users have permissions to access all computers remotely:

  • Users with the Total Control permission can access any computer remotely.
  • Users with the Administration permission can only access computers that belong to groups on which the user has permissions.
  • Users with the Monitoring permission cannot access any computer remotely. The remote access icon will appear disabled.

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