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What is Panda Dome Passwords and what are its characteristics?

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Panda Dome Passwords

Mobile devices have become an essential part of daily life. They allow us to perform all kinds of activities which, on many occasions, involve sensitive information. Additionally, there are more and more services and apps to manage social media, email, banking services, subscriptions, etc. That?s why it is so important to create strong passwords and protect every service that we use as much as possible.

With Panda Dome Passwords, you will be able to manage all your passwords easily and securely and will never forget a password again.

What can you do with Panda Dome Passwords?
  • Manage all your passwords with a single master key.
  • Create strong passwords automatically.
  • Fill registration forms automatically with a single click.
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to improve security.
  • Sync all your passwords and information across all your devices.
  • Access all your data and passwords offline and export them if you need them.
  • Receive security alerts, tips, and reports.
  • Access backup copies of all your passwords.
  • Manage your addresses and credit card details easily and securely.
  • Access a virtual vault where you can store personal encrypted notes that only you can access using your master password.
  • Log out remotely.
  • Delete your browsing history and close open tabs remotely.
Plus, remember that you can store as many passwords as you want, as there is no password storage limit.

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