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How can I view the Panda Data Control data with Advanced Visualization Tool

Information applies to:

Panda Data Control

Advanced Visualization Tool generates the widgets, dashboards and graphical applications that display the collected data in an ordered and easy-to-understand way.

The Web server also hosts the management console, accessible from any place at any time through any ordinary compatible browser.

Advanced Visualization Tool implements functions through the tools and resources described below:
  • A wide range of widgets that enable visualization of the actions taken on the PII files.
  • Dashboards that can be configured by the administrator with information for the IT department.
  • Configurable alerts that are generated in real time to reveal potentially dangerous situations.
  • Graphical resources to view and work with the PII knowledge tablewith details of the actions taken on files with personal data.
  • Advanced tools for searching and processing the information stored: filters, groupings, advanced operations with data, generation of new widgets with information, etc.
Applications / Dashboards
The most relevant information for the IT team is displayed through three applications accessible from the Web management console:
  • Files and machineswith PII: I dentifies PII files on the network, showing the computers they are on and the actions taken on them.

  • User operations on PII files: Shows the operations that users take on the PII files, detailing the physical device they are on (hard disk, USB drive, etc.)

  • Risk of PII extraction: Displays actions that could represent a leak of personal data.

For more information, please visit de Data Control guide