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How do manual and automatic assignment of settings work in products based on Aether Platform?

Information applies to:

Adaptive Defense 360 on Aether PlatformAdaptive Defense on Aether Platform
Endpoint Protection on Aether PlatformEndpoint Protection Plus on Aether Platform

Aether Platform uses a modular format for creating and distributing settings to computers. This configuration model speeds up the management of devices by reusing configurations, taking advantage of specific mechanisms such as inheritance and the assignment of configurations to individual devices. Network administrators can assign more detailed and specific settings with less effort. There are four independent profiles covering different settings areas:

  • Network settings (Proxy and language)
  • Per-computer settings
  • Workstation and servers settings
  • Android devices settings

Initially, all computers in the Groups tree inherit the settings established in the All root node. The All root node has the default settings for the aforementioned four types of settings.

Once settings are assigned to a group, they will be applied to the computers in the group immediately and automatically, in accordance with the inheritance rules described later. In turn, the settings are applied to the computers in just a few seconds.

Automatic settings assignment vs Manual settings assignment

In large networks, it is highly likely that administrators will want to reuse existing settings on groups within the hierarchical structure of the tree. The inheritance feature lets you assign settings to a group and then, in order to save time, automatically to all the groups below this group in the tree.

To prevent settings being applied to all inferior levels in the Groups tree, or to assign different settings to a certain computer in part of the tree, it is also possible to manually assign settings to groups or individual computers.

So, once settings profiles have been created, they can be assigned to computers in two different ways:

+ Manually (direct) - Manually (Direct)

The administrator directly assigns profiles to computers or groups. Once settings profiles have been created, there are three ways of assigning them:

  • From the Computers tab, through the Groups tree shown in the panel on the left.

  • From the Computers tab, selecting the computer details in the list of computers and then the Settings option:

  • From the Settings tab, at the profile itself when it is created or edited.

+ Automatically through inheritance (indirectly) - Automatically through inheritance (indirectly)

Indirect assigning of settings is applied through inheritance, which allows automatic deployment of a settings profile to all computers in the node to which the settings have been applied.

Profile assignation rules

The rules that govern the relation between the two forms of assigning profiles (manual/direct and automatic/inheritance) are displayed below in order of priority:

  1. Automatic inheritance rule: A group or computers automatically inherits the settings of the parent group or one above it in the hierarchy.
  2. Manual priority rule: Manually assigned profiles have priority over inherited ones.

The settings assigned to a group (manual or inherited) are applied to all branches of the tree, until manually assigned settings are found. If there is a change to the inherited settings in a higher level node that affects the manual settings of items lower down, Aether Platform will ask the administrator if the previously set manual settings are to be kept or overwritten with the inheritance.

This way, when the system detects a change to the settings that has to be applied to subordinate nodes, and one or more of them have manually assigned settings (regardless of the level).