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Compatibility of Adaptive Defense and Endpoint Protection products with Windows 10 Redstone 4

Information applies to:

Panda Adaptive DefensePanda Adaptive Defense 360
Panda Endpoint ProtectionPanda Endpoint Protection Plus

Operating systems
Windows 10 Redstone 4

On April 24, Microsoft will release Windows 10 Redstone 4. This version comes with some new compatibility requirements that all supported products must meet. Otherwise, there could be issues (inability to upgrade to RS4, etc.).

In order to prevent this and ensure that our customers stay protected if upgrading to Windows 10 RS4, Panda Security has developed a new version of the protection (, compatible with Windows 10 RS4. This version will be automatically rolled out to all customers on console version 7.70, whose computers' protection will be updated based on their configuration profiles.

When will version be rolled out?

Version will be automatically rolled out on March 19. From then on, all of our customers' computers on version 7.70 will be updated to the new version based on their configuration profiles.

To check if the automatic update of the protection is enabled on the profile or profiles, click the Settings tab, select the specific profile and select the Windows and Linux section on the left hand side menu:

Additionally, version will be available for on-demand installation.

What will happen with customers on console version 7.90 or Aether-based products?

  • March 26: Panda Security will update customers on version 7.90 of Adaptive Defense and Endpoint Protection products to protection version 8.00.01, fully compatible Windows 10 RS4.
  • March 19: the new protection version 8.00.01 compatible with Windows 10 RS4 will be incorporated into Aether Platform.

Through these actions, Panda Security ensures all its protection versions across its corporate portfolio are compatible with Windows 10 RS4, thus preventing any issues if a customer decides to upgrade or install this new operating system.

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