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How to fix 1/1/1990 signature update error in Adaptive Defense and Endpoint Protection products


Some computers show a red shield icon in the Signature update column:

And when hovering on the red shield icon, it displays Error: Not updated and a signature file dated 1/1/1990.


First check the status of the current protection:

  • Press the Windows + R key, and in the Run window textbox, type in services.msc.
  • Once the Windows services window is open, go to the following Panda services:

    • Panda Cloud Office Protection Service
    • Panda Endpoint Administration Agent
    • Panda Product Service

If the three services are created and "Running" or" Initiated", simply force an update by clicking the Synchronize option from the antivirus icon. Please check after a few hours that the issue is solved.

If any service is missing or stopped, proceed to the solution described below.


Follow the below steps to force the signatures to be updated and the information displayed in the console:

  1. Download the PSInfo tool on the affected computer.
  2. Click on the downloaded file with the right button, select Run as Administrator. It is important to make sure that the tool is going to run with an account with elevated permissions.
  3. Accept the terms of use.
  4. Go to the Tools tab and double-click on the FIX 1990 option.
  5. Accept the execution of the tool.

Important: If the tool detects that the protection services cannot be repaired, a generic protection uninstaller will be launched to perform an automatic clean reinstallation. For that it will be necessary one or two reboots of the computer, depending on the current state of the protection.

Data to report the issue

If the issue is not solved, it is necessary to collect a series of data of the computer. Please read the article How to Report an Issue from the Endpoint Protection Console and follow the steps below.