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How to install PCOP for OS X via Apple Remote Desktop

Information applies to:

Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection Plus

In this article we will describe how to run a remote installation of PCOP for OS X using Apple Remote Desktop.

Steps to follow

  1. In Endpoint Protection administration console, click the Installation tab.
  2. In Download installer for, click OS X icon, select the group computers it will be added to and click Download to save the installation program, MACWAAgent.dmg, to disk.
  3. Now download file and save it to disk.

    You will be able to assign this image of the local console and sh file to the group of computers you want to deploy the protection.
  4. Install your Apple Remote Desktop application on a Mac server.
  5. In the Sharing section, ensure the Remote management option is enabled on client hosts with Mac OS X.
  6. In Apple Remote Desktop, select the Scanner function to select target hosts.
  7. After selecting target hosts, click Copy.
  8. Click "+" and select the previously downloaded PCOP for OS X installation files: MACWAAgent.dmg and
  9. In the Place items in option, select Top folder of the disk and click Copy.
  10. Click the UNIX button once the installation files have been copied.
  11. Enter the following commands in the command line, using an administrator account:

    cd /;
  12. In the Run command as: section, select User and type root in the User field.
  13. Click Send.
  14. Once installation completes, installation task status changes to “ 'disk x' ejected.” on each client host.

Endpoint Protection for OS X is now distributed to your Mac computers.

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