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How to search for unprotected computers with Endpoint Protection

Information applies to:

Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection Plus

Endpoint Protection includes, from version 5.05, a system to find unprotected computers on the network. This system is based on search jobs which the user can run from the Web administration console, and edit and delete them once they are complete.

How to create a search job

  1. Open the Web administration console.
  2. Go to the Installation tab and select Search from the left menu.

    Find Unprotected Computers
  3. Click New search and enter a name for the search job. This name cannot be repeated, and it must have a maximum length of 50 characters.
  4. Then, select the computer that will perform the search on the network. To do this, click Select.... A list will be displayed with all computers available to run the task.

    These computers must meet the following requirements:

    • Have the agent and the protection installed, and be correctly integrated into the Endpoint Protection server.
    • The agent must be version 5.05 or later.
    • They cannot be blacklisted.
    • They must have established a connection to the server in the last 72 hours.
    • They cannot be carrying out an uninstallation job, that is, they cannot show any of the following statuses regarding an uninstallation job:

      • On hold
      • Starting
      • Uninstalling
    • They must have an Internet connection, either direct or through other computers (proxy feature)

      The list to select the computer that will perform the search will display only those computers that meet these requirements.
  5. Finally, the administrator must select the scope of the search, among the following options:

    • The subnet of the computer that performs the search (the default option).
    • One of several IP address ranges (IPv4) entered by the user. If the user enters ranges with IP addresses in common, any unprotected computer will only be discovered once.
    • One of several domains entered by the user.

The search job:

  • Runs once per job.
  • Will start running once the computer that performs the search downloads the search command from the server, during the next update. There is then a time period between the creation and running of a job.
  • You can start the search immediately by carrying out an update from the bear icon in the taskbar of the computer that performs the search (Update Now). Otherwise, a maximum of 4 hours may pass before the job is run.

Computers displayed as a result of the search

Once the search job is complete, a list is displayed with:

  • Computers without a PCOP agent installed.
  • Computers integrated into another client.
  • Computers with an agent version prior to 5.05.
  • Computers with an agent version 5.05 or later, which haven’t responded to the search message in due time.

    Note: Blacklisted computers (provided they have an agent version 5.05 or later and are integrated into the user's client) are not considered as unprotected computers and will NOT appear as the result of the search job.