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I have Panda for Desktops installed and I cannot work correctly with Oracle 8i database. What should I do?

Information applies to:

Panda for Desktops

In some computers with Panda for Desktops and software for accessing Oracle 8i databases installed, the following errors are returned:

TNS Packet Writer Failure

TNS cannot write to network error

Panda has contacted Oracle in order to offer a solution to its clients.

These messages are returned due to an error in the Oracle client code related to a violation in the Microsoft Winsock specification. This error was temporarily corrected in the patch v80505 for Oracle SQLNet, and definitively fixed in version 8.1.7. Oracle has officially announced that it does not offer support for the versions that are causing the error. Therefore, Oracle's only recommendation is to upgrade Oracle to version 8.1.7 or later.

Consequently, if you have computers with Panda for Desktops installed that cannot work correctly with this type of database, update the version of your Oracle client.

In order to access the Oracle client downloads, click the following link:

Additional information

If you do not have TruPrevent® enabled and the mail manager used in the workstations is Microsoft Outlook, you can apply the following settings, while you update the Oracle client:

  1. Open Panda AdminiSecure administration console.
  2. Access Settings for Windows workstations.
  3. Click Mail >> Mail clients..., check Scan only messages sent and received through Microsoft Outlook checkbox and click OK.
  4. Click HTTP Protection, uncheck the verification checkbox Enable the HTTP protection for Windows workstations and click OK.

After these settings have been correctly applied to the workstation, the error message described above will no longer occur.