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Error 2102 in the AdminSecure administration console: Error accessing the repository.

Information applies to:

Panda AdminSecure  

Operating systems
    All Operating Systems

The error occurs when carrying out large updating jobs of the PAV. SIG signature file or when updating files on overloaded networks.

The error occurs during communication between the repository and the computer that requests the signature files when the files are requested or delivered from the repository. That is, there is a general communication error with the repository.

The large update jobs that lead to this failure cause a socket communication error which results in the signature file update being cancelled.

Since the error only occurs with on-demand updates, below you can find a series of tips you can follow to prevent it.

  1. Go to Control Panel –> Tasks and scans in the AdminSecure console to delete all the pending or cancelled signature and protection update jobs.
  2. In the AdminSecure console, go to Tools –> Updates and Repositories, select the Updates tab and enable the options Automatically update the virus signature file and Automatically update the protection.

    Important: The workstations request the available update catalog every hour.
    Therefore, the network update will depend on the number of computers started.

These two actions enable you to leave job load and monitoring to AdminSecure, which will send jobs depending on the network traffic.

Finally, in these cases it is NOT recommended to update the signature file on a network with more than 200 PCs.

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