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How can I upgrade Microsoft .NET Framework from Systems Management?

Information applies to:

Panda Systems Management

Currently, the Systems Management agent requires .NET version 4.0.3 to be installed in order to run, as it is explained in the System Requirements support article.

To help customers prepare for this requirement, Systems Management provides some extra features to help you identify the devices that do not meet these requirements and to then upgrade them.

As such, included as part of the audit, you can now identify what version of the .NET Framework is running on your Windows devices by using the following tools in the console:

Device filter

Under the compliance heading, this is now a default filter to help you identify the devices that are not running the minimum version of .NET Framework required for the next version update.

It is also available as a configurable filter:

Finally, the version of .NET Framework can also be added to the main audit view using the column select button:

ComStore .NET Framework Upgrade Components

New components are available in the ComStore to update the devices in need of the .NET Framework update. In the description of the components you will see the operating systems supported by each component. Before you run specific component, make sure you choose the correct one.

Once you have identified the devices requiring the update, run the component against these devices. When the job has completed successfully, check the audit data again using the above methods to ensure your devices comply with the latest agent requirement.