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How to configure a Component monitor in Systems Management

Information applies to:

Systems Management

The purpose of a Component Monitor is to alert the administrator if certain conditions are met of a component script. This can be one from the ComStore or one the administrator has created to monitor his own software package(s).

In the Trigger Details, the administrator can:

  • Specify the component he has saved in his components library and that he would like to use. Any variables that need to be set as a result of the component will be presented when the administrator chooses the component.
  • Enter the time period in which to execute the script.

In the Alert Details, the administrator has he option to select the severity for this event.

Finally, in the Auto Resolution Details, the administrator can set the resolution period. This means should the alert condition not meet the conditions of the alert set for the period of time specified in this field, the alert will resolve itself, meaning that, should it do it again, the administrator will get another notification.

Once this page is configured, the administrator can select Next and in the Response Details section, choose to run a component in response to the alert being raised, and/or specify the email.

After pressing next again, the administrator has the option to:

  • Have this alert create a support ticket.
  • Assign which user gets assigned the support ticket.
  • Indicate if users should have an email alert to notify them.

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