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How to create a patch policy in Systems Management

Information applies to:

Panda Systems Management

Patch policies in Systems Management enable the administrator to have greater control of the rollout of Windows updates to the network.

By configuring a number of options from the Administration console, the administrator can easily fine tune the delivery of patches to all Windows devices.

Steps to create a patch policy

  1. Open the PCSM Administration console.
  2. Select Policies from either the Account or Site levels and click New policy (Account or Site) …
  3. Select Patch management in the type of policy.
  4. Add the target.
  5. Configure the different options for the new policy:

    • Patch Management Policy Options: Select a schedule for the patches to be deployed: daily, weekly or hourly and for how long (in hours).
    • Power Options:

      • Allow forced reboot(s), if required enables the forced reboot included in the update to run. This option is off by default.
      • Shutdown after update completed
    • Patches to install: define how patches will be installed:
      • Install all patches
      • Filter them by the following criteria:

        For example, the network admin can set the policy to only install patches with a severity of Recommended or Higher and to ignore the rest.
      • Install individual patches. Here you can define the criticality of the individual patches.

Patch Management policy support for Upgrades category
Patch Management policies can now target annual Windows Feature Updates specifically for inclusion or exclusion using the Upgrades category criteria under Approval.

For more information, see the Patch Management section within the Panda Systems Management Administration Guide.