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Panda Security vaccine and disinfection tool for #Wannacry

As we have previously announced in the Information regarding the WannaCry cyberattack of the 12th May 2017, Panda Security customers with the latest solutions of our security solutions and their Windows systems patched have not been affected by this type of malware.

However, and being aware of the massive spread of the attack and with the aim to help as many affected users as possible, the Panda Security experts have developed a tool for non-Panda customers as well as for Panda customers whose computers do not have the Panda protection installed. The tool carries out the following actions:

  • If your computer has been infected, the Panda tool will kill all malicious processes and disinfect the system.
    IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that if your files have already been encrypted, it is not likely that they will be retrievable.
  • If your computer has NOT been infected, the Panda tool will act as a vaccine against WannaCry and will prevent the encryption of your files.

Applying Panda WannaCry Fix tool

Download and run the Panda WannaCry Fix tool on all computers you want to either disinfect, prevent the encryption or vaccine against WannaCry.

ATTENTION: We remind you that applying the Microsoft Security patch MS17-010 is an essential step to close the door to these types of attack.

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