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What is the Update Manager of Panda Dome?

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Panda Dome

To make sure your computer's protection is optimal, you must keep the software installed on them properly up to date. This involves searching for vulnerable out-of-date software, downloading the relevant updates and installing them.
Your product includes an update manager which detects third-party applications with missing patches or in EOL (End-Of-Life) stage, as well as all patches and updates published by Microsoft for all of its products (operating systems, databases, Office applications, etc.).
When searching for updates, you can choose between looking for critical updates only, or performing an in-depth search of all updates that must be installed on your computer. You also have the option to view a history of all updates installed, as well as scheduling daily, weekly or monthly searches.
To access this feature, click the Update Manager section in the main window of your Panda Dome product.

Searching for updates
Follow these steps to search for updates:
  1. From the main window of Panda Dome, click the Update Manager section.
  2. Click the Search for updates button.
  3. Select whether you want to search for critical updates only (recommended option) or perform an in-depth search for all types of updates.
  4. When the search is complete, select the checkboxes next to the applications that you want to update, and click the Install button.
  5. During the time it takes to install the updates, you can continue working on your computer as normal. To do that, minimize the update installation window.
  6. The time it takes to update the applications installed on your computer will vary depending on the items to install. The search you have performed will appear in the Last search section of the Update Manager window.
Update history
Follow the steps below in order to check the update history:
  1. From the main window of the product, click the Update Manager section.
  2. Go to the Updates installed section to view a history of all updates installed, along with their type and severity.
  3. To see more details about the updates and which updates require a restart of the computer, click the View update history button. If required, click the Restart link to finish the installation process.
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