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Migration process of Adaptive Defense and Endpoint Protection products to Aether Platform in progress

Ces informations s’appliquent à:

Panda Adaptive DefensePanda Adaptive Defense 360Panda Adaptive Defense 360 on Aether Platform
Panda Adaptive Defense on Aether PlatformPanda Endpoint ProtectionPanda Endpoint Protection on Aether Platform
Panda Endpoint Protection PlusPanda Endpoint Protection Plus on Aether Platform

¡Welcome to the new Aether Platform!
If you have reached this article, it means that the process to migrate your Panda Security product to the new Aether Platform is underway. Click here to learn more about Aether.
The process to migrate a product from the traditional platform to the new Aether Platform is automatic and virtually seamless.


Your computers must be able to access a number of URLs for the migration process to be successful and for the new platform to work properly.

During the migration process:

  • You'll be able to access both Web consoles (traditional and Aether).

    • However, you must avoid, to the extent possible, performing new installations or making configuration changes using your old console. Please note that once the migration process is underway, none of the changes you make using the traditional console will be reflected in the new console.
  • The following items will be automatically migrated to your new console:

    • Your old console's group tree.
    • The users used to log in to your old console (they will be assigned equivalent permissions in Aether Platform).
    • Your settings will be automatically migrated and adapted to the characteristics of Aether Platform.
    • The exclusions created in the old console.
    • Scheduled scans.
  • The Aether agent will seamlessly replace the 'traditional' agent on your Windows computers. As this happens, the migrated computers will gradually disappear from the traditional console and appear in the new console.
  • The protection will be automatically updated if needed, provided the update option is selected in the settings.
What items won't be automatically migrated?

  • Scheduled reports. The new platform provides new, more dynamic reports. You'll be able to configure new reports using the new console.
  • Computers with a macOS, Linux or Android operating system won't be automatically migrated. You'll have to access your new console, download the relevant installer and install the protection on your computer. Then, you'll have to uninstall the previous protection.
  • The following detections won't be migrated either:

    • Antivirus detections (however, all detections made by the advanced protection in the case of Panda Adaptive Defense WILL be migrated)
    • Detections made by the Exchange Server protection
    • Detections made by the Web Access Control feature
    • Detections made by the Device Control feature
If you need to view information about these detections, access your traditional console.

How can you request the migration to Aether Platform?
Please, contact your sales representative or your usual reseller and they will manage the request for you.

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