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What steps must I follow in order to renew the services included in Panda Antivirus for Mac? 

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Panda Antivirus for Mac

In order to continue benefiting from the services provided by Panda Security, you must renew your Panda Antivirus for Mac.

After you have done this, you will be able to continue updating your antivirus in order to ensure that you are protected against the new viruses that appear every day.


Follow the steps below to renew the services:

  1. Access the Renewals area, fill in the Email address and Client number fields and click Next.
  2. When you click Next, the registered products that can be renewed will be displayed. Click the Renew corresponding to the product, if more than one is available.
  3. The renewal options are displayed. Select the option you want, read the License Agreement and click Next.
  4. In the next window you can modify the personal details you provided when you registered the product. You must also select the form of payment.
  5. If they are correct, click Finish. Then a screen will appear confirming that the renewal has been completed correctly.

    This process uses a series of security technologies to guarantee the confidentiality of your data.

    You can print this screen to keep as a receipt for the renewal process.

Within 48 hours Panda Security will send you an email confirming your user name and password and the expiry date of the services you have just renewed.

When you receive this data, your user details will be re-activated, with the same client number, user name and password.

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