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How to share folders with others using Panda Cloud Drive in my computer

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Panda Gold Protection

Panda Cloud Drive allows you to share folders and files with other users. When sharing, you will also be able to decide what the user you have given access to can do with the files or folders you’ve assigned him, by giving him specific permission.
In order to share folders:

  1. Login into your account on
  2. Click on Files on the side menu and find the folder you want to share.
  3. Once you’ve found the folder, click on the sharing icon Share icon.
  4. You will access the menu that allows you to manage users and their permission levels.
  5. Type in the email addresses of the users with whom you want to share the folder or file.
  6. Select the permission level you want to assign to the user you’re sending the invitation to:
    1. See, modify and share: this means the user can edit, change or delete the shared folder and its contents. The changes will also appear in the folder you’ve shared with him. The user will also be able to share the folder at his discretion.
    2. See and modify: the same permission as the previous one, except that this level will not allow the user to share the folder with others.
    3. See: The user will have a local copy of the shared folder on his PC, but any changes he makes to those files or their content, even if he deletes the file, will not be replicated in the folders of the other users he has shared with.
  7. Send the folder sharing invitation and you’re all set.

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