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How to synchronize my files with Panda Cloud Drive

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Panda Cloud Drive allows you to share and synchronize your files between your other computers and mobile devices.

How to upload files from my PC to Panda Cloud Drive

Once you have correctly installed the Panda Cloud Drive application on your computer (Windows), you will find a Panda Cloud Drive folder under My Documents. Refer to the Support Article How to install Panda Cloud Drive on my computer.

Any files or folders that you make or drag into the Panda Cloud Drive folder will automatically upload to your Panda Cloud Drive account. Any changes you make to these files or folders, will also automatically save in Panda Cloud Drive.

How to synchronize my files between my computer and my mobile

If you install the Panda Cloud Drive for PC application in your computers, using the same account for each one of them, all of the files you have saved locally in Panda Cloud Drive will also replicate automatically across all of your computers.

Likewise, in order to access your files from your mobile, you will need to install the Panda Cloud Drive application according to the model you use.

This way all of your computers and mobiles are connected and automatically give you complete access to your files across all of your devices.

Once the application is installed on your mobile device and to access the files, simply start Panda Cloud Drive from your mobile device and click the icon My Panda Cloud Drive.

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