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Information on Aether Platform

Aether is a new, innovative platform for managing all of Panda Security's endpoint security solutions. Aether Platform's vision is that all Panda solutions will be centrally managed from a single Web console and with a single agent.

From a management perspective, Aether provides administrators with greater control, flexibility and granularity, enabling organizations to manage hundreds or thousands of computers in real time. Aether Platform incorporates a large number of highly advanced, highly demanded features to benefit clients and partners, who will have more remediation tools available in order to provide a better service (disinfection, computer isolation, etc.).

From a protection perspective, our Aether-based products are similar to traditional ones. The protection for Windows and Android is the same. However, the protection for Linux and macOS is better as it incorporates real-time protection and URL filtering.

Click here for more information about the Aether Platform benefits.

All of the options available for our traditional products are also available for the Aether-based products, except for the customization options and the ability to copy configuration profiles, which are scheduled at the beginning of the year.

To send your clients an executive report detailing the status of their protection, the detections made, etc., go to the Executive Report section in their console. There you'll be able to view the report or schedule its automatic sending via email so that your clients can see the value provided by the security service.

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