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What is the syntax of the search function in Panda Data Control?

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Panda Data Control

Panda Data Control offers flexible searches of files by content using plain text and parameters to narrow the scope of the results. The indexing process stores the text content of the file in a standard format which is used when generating content searches.

Syntax allowed in quick searches
  • Word: search for "word" in the document content and metadata.
  • WordA WordB: search for "worda" or "wordb" (logical operator OR) in the document content.
  • "WordA WordB": search for "worda" and "wordb" consecutively in the document content.
  • +WordA +WordB: search for "worda" and "wordb" in the document content.
  • +Worda -Wordb: search for "worda" but not "wordb" in the document content.
  • Word*: search for all words that start with "word". The wildcard "*" is only allowed at the end of the search term.
  • Wo?rd: search for words that begin with "wo", and end in "rd" and have a single alphabet character in between. The character "?" can be located at any point.
  • Word~: search for all words that contain the string "word".

Syntax allowed in guided searches
Guided searches do not allow "+" or "-". Instead, search words are entered in different text boxes. If the characters "+" or "-" are used, they will simply form part of the search term.

Personal data types available
To narrow the scope of results, Panda Data Control supports the use of qualifiers to indicate data types or file characteristics in quick and advanced searches:

  • PiiType: specifies the type of PII data detected in the file.
  • HasPii: indicates that the file has the PII data.
  • Filename: indicates the name of the file.
  • FileExtension: indicates the file extension.
The values allowed in these parameters are:
  • PiiType:BANKACCOUNT: files that contain any bank account details.
  • PiiType:CREDITCARD: files that contain any credit card details.
  • PiiType:IDCARD: files that contain any national ID card numbers (or similar).
  • PiiType:SSN: files that contain any social security numbers.
  • PiiType:IP: files that contain any IP addresses.
  • PiiType:EMAIL: files that contain any email addresses.
  • PiiType:PHONE: files that contain any phone numbers.
  • PiiType:ADDRESS: files that contain any postal addresses.
  • PiiType:FULLNAME: files that contain any first names and last names.
  • PiiType:PASSPORT: files that contain any passport details.
  • PiiType:DRIVERLIC: files that contain any driving license details.
  • HasPii:True: files that contain any PII data.
  • Filename:"file name": files with the specified file name.
  • Fileextension: "file extension": files with the specified file extension.

Syntax for PII data searches

PII data types can be used in all search types (quick or guided) alone or combined with other character strings.

  • PiiType:IDCARD: search for files with ID card data detected.
  • +PiiType:IDCARD +"Panda Security": search for files containing a list of ID card details in the company (with the character string "Panda Security").
  • +Filename:scan* +fileextension:docx -PiiType:fullname: search for scan files (files whose name starts with "scan") in Word (.docx extension) and that are not officially signed (no Fullname -first names and last names - were detected.)
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