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How to distribute Endpoint Protection for OS X using the installation program

Information applies to:

Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection Plus

Once you have purchased PCOP or PCOP Advanced OS X licenses, Endpoint Protection offers two options for distributing the protection to your Mac computers using the installation program:

  • Download an installer from the administration console and then carry out the installation on the desired computers.
  • Send a link to each computer to download the installer via email. Then, each user can download and run it manually.

Note: It is not possible to use the deployment tool to install the protection in OS X systems.

It is not advisable to have two antivirus products installed on a Mac computer. If you have another antivirus product installed, it is recommended to uninstall it to minimize the impact on computer performance.

Downloading the installation program

  1. Access the Endpoint Protection administration console.
  2. Select the Installation tab. Here you have two options:
    1. In Download installer for you can:
      1. Click the icon of the installer you want to distribute.

      2. Select the group computers will be added to.
      3. Click Download to save the installation program.
    2. In Generate installation URL you can:
      1. Select the group computers will be added to.
      2. Click the OS X installation URL displayed in the window below.
      3. Click Download to save the installation program.
  3. When the download of the MacWAAgent.dmg file has finished, run the file from the directory you have saved it in. A wizard will guide you through the installation process. Read more.
  4. Distribute the protection to the rest of the computers in the network. You can use your own tools (Logon Script, Active Directory, Tivoli, etc), or install it manually.

Sending the link by email

  1. In Download installer for select the group to which you want to add the computers to use the installer.
  2. Click Send by email. An email will be automatically generated, ready to be sent, with the download links for the different operating systems.

    If you prefer, you can copy the direct link on the computers you want to install the protection on.

  3. To start the installation, users simply need to click the download link for their operating system. Read more.

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