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Tool for cleaning traces that might cause error 2093 when installing Endpoint Protection


The AvRegisterManager tool lets you clean traces of other protection software that might cause the Endpoint Protection installers to return error 2093.

This tool is NOT an uninstaller of the mentioned protection. AvRegisterManager only cleans traces that might cause errors; it doesn't remove all the protection entries and files.

Note: Uninstall any protection that might be installed before running this tool. Otherwise, there could be undesired effects, such as having both protections installed at the same time, preventing the computer from operating correctly and even causing blue screen errors.

How to use the tool

Option 1. Run AvRegisterManager directly on a computer

  1. Download and run AvRegisterManager.exe file.
  2. The following screen is displayed:

The screen displays any other protection detected on the computer or the protection that left the traces that are causing the error.

Two options are available:

  • Unregister: Deletes the Registry entries that are causing error 2093 and preventing PCOP from being installed.
  • Restore: Restores the registry entries deleted with the previous option.

Option 2: Run AvRegisterManager from the Command Prompt window.

  1. Run the AvRegisterManager.exe self-extracting file and extract its contents to a folder. The following files will be created in the folder:

  2. Check that all files are in the same folder. Otherwise, the tool won’t work correctly.

You can run the tool from the Command Prompt window by using the following parameters:

  • AVRegisterManager /UNREG. Deletes the Registry entries that are causing error 2093 and prevent PCOP from being installed.
  • AVRegisterManager /RESTORE. Restores the registry entries deleted in the previous step.

The message AV correctly unregistered indicates that the cleaning process has finished successfully.

In case error 2093 persists, please contact your Panda Support office indicating the installation package and full version of your antivirus software so that we can study the reason why the program is not uninstalled.

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