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How to create and manage users from the web administration console

Information applies to:

Adaptive DefenseAdaptive Defense 360
Endpoint ProtectionEndpoint Protection Plus

The term “user” refers to the different accounts created to access the Web console, not the network users who work with computers protected with Adaptive Defense 360.

There should always be a default user with Total Control that cannot be modified. This user was created and activated from the welcome email and is essential for the console to work correctly. Check article Getting started with Adaptive Defense and Endpoint Protection products to find out more on this process.

If you haven't received the welcome email or cannot locate it in your inbox or the spam folder, please contact: and it will sent to you again.

Creating different users and assigning permissions to them makes it possible to share the product management tasks among various administrators with different access levels and technical profiles/roles.

To configure users and permissions, go to the Users menu.

The Users menu splits data into three columns: Login Email, Name and Permissions. As you create users, these will appear on the list, along with the type of permissions that you have given them.

Creating users

Follow these steps to create a user:

  1. In the Users menu, click Add user.

  2. Enter the Login Email and confirm it.
    You can add additional information in the Comments section if you want to.
  3. Select the permission to assign to the user. For more information, refer to the Types of permissions section.
  4. In Groups, select the group/subgroup or groups/subgroups that the user will be able to act upon, based on the permissions assigned to them. Users with total control permissions will be able to act on all groups.
  5. Click Add. A message will be displayed informing you that an email message has been sent to the address specified when creating the user.
After the user has been created, it will appear on the list available in the Users section.

Changing user details

To change a user's details, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Users section.
  2. Click the user's login email address to access the Edit users window. This window lets you change the user's comments, their permissions and the groups they can act upon, but not their name or login email address. In the case of the Default user, it is only possible to edit the Comments field.

Changing user names

To change a user's name, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Panda Cloud console through the icon in the upper left corner of the window.
  2. Log in using the user's credentials and click the user's name.
  3. Then, click Edit account. You will access the user's Panda Account, from which you will be able to change the user's details and password.
  4. Then click Update.
Once this is complete, both Web consoles (Panda Cloud and Adaptive Defense or Endpoint Protection) will display the new user name.

Deleting users

To delete a user, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Users menu.
  2. On the user list, select the checkbox next to the user that you want to delete. You can select all users at once by selecting the checkbox in the Login Email column header.
  3. Then, click Delete.
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