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How to test if Panda Security protection is querying the cloud

Panda Security has developed a tool called Panda Cloud Test File to allow testers and users verify whether their Panda product can successfully connect to the Collective Intelligence cloud-scanning servers. In this article, you can find Panda Cloud Test File for Windows and Panda Cloud Test File for Linux.

Steps to test the connection in Windows systems

  1. Download the test file PandaCloudTestFile.exe.
  2. If the file is detected as a virus, the connection is working properly. Otherwise, it means the protection is not connecting to Panda cloud-scanning servers because the file is only detected by the Collective Intelligence.
  3. DISCLAIMER: This file is *not malicious*. If it is detected, it simply means your Panda product is connecting correctly to the Collective Intelligence cloud-scanning servers.
Steps to test the connection in Linux systems
  1. Download the tool.
  2. Unzip the file in the computer where you want to test the connection (password panda).
  3. If it works correctly, the unzipped file will be removed and sent to quarantine.
Why do we use Cloud-based analysis?
Former signature-based technologies have proven to be inefficient when managing current malware threats. Moreover, the exponentially increasing size of the local database impacts the performance in most of the operating systems, in particular, macOS, significantly.

Consequently, Panda Security relies on the Cloud for the analysis of potential malicious files such as binaries, scripts, executables, etc. This excludes some traditional text/signature based files such as eicar, though. For testing purposes, Panda Security suggests the use of the Panda Cloud Test File tool, whose internal structure is not a text-based file, but an executable file in the case of Windows and a binary file in the case of Linux.

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