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Hotfix to resolve slowdown problems in the AdminSecure console

Information applies to:

Panda for Desktops
Panda for Exchange
Panda for File Servers (Windows)


  • AdminServer stops responding.
  • Problems when changing settings to a large amount of machines.
  • Problems with secondary repository replications and setting changes.
  • Buffer overrun pavupg crashes.
  • Error 2102 is displayed when pavupgrequest.xml is corrupted.
  • Scheduled scans not running when selecting more than 3 computers.
  • Unable to create TruPrevent policies.


In order to solve the issue, you can either upgrade to the latest version of AdminSecure (recommended) or apply a specific hotfix for the incident instead.

  • How to upgrade to AdminSecure 4.50.00 version (recommended)

    1. Click here to see how to upgrade your AdminSecure version.
    2. Update the protection affected by the incident. For more information, go to How can I update the protection of my IT resources once I have upgraded AdminSecure? (only applies to AdminSecure)
  • How to apply Hotfix HAS_4_04_10_0010.exe

    This hotfix must be installed on version 4.04.10 or of AdminSecure 2007. Check the program version from the Help menu, About Panda AdminSecure 2007.

    1. Download file HAS_4_04_10_0010.exe (37,4 MB) by clicking the following link:

    2. Run the downloaded file on the computers on which a repository, AdminServer or the console is installed.
    3. Once the hotfix is run, the AdminSecure 2007 services will restart.
    4. Go to the Help menu, About Panda AdminSecure 2007 and check that the program version is
    5. Check the incident has been resolved.

The hotfix must be installed on all repositories and computers with the Administration Server or the AdminSecure console installed.

Versions after installing the Hotfix

  • Panda Adminsecure Console version:
  • Panda Adminsecure Comunication agent version: 4.04.15
Help nº- 20121210 40058 EN

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