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Distributing AdminSecure Communications Agent by modifying the login script

Information applies to:

Panda for DesktopsPanda for DominoPanda for Exchange
Panda for File Servers (Windows)Panda for ISA

For a computer to be detected and administered by Panda AdminSecure, it must have a communications agent installed.

When you open the AdminSecure Console for the first time, the AdminSecure setup wizard will be displayed. It will also appear at any other time you open the console provided that you haven’t checked Don't show this screen again when the console starts up. The wizard offers the possibility to distribute the agent from the console and it can also be launched through the Tools menu in the console.

By selecting Distribute the communications agent, the option to distribute it to the servers and workstations appears.

Steps to distribute AdminSecure Communications Agent by modifying the user login script

This process can be launched from the console by following the steps below:

  1. Click Tools -> Distribute communications agent -> Distribution of the communications agent.
  2. Click Generate a communications agent installation package and set it to run from the users' login script and click Next.
  3. You must then choose the domain in which you are working and all the Windows servers where you want to modify the script and create the shared folders with all the necessary files. You also need to specify the computer that contains the Administration Server and the Repository you want to use for that computer (if you don’t want to use the repository in the computer that contains the administration server).
  4. After following these steps, a PAVFILES folder will be generated in the server, which will be shared as PAVFILES$ with all the files needed to distribute the agent. The login script of the selected users will also be modified, in order to run the PMGR000.bat file which contains all the commands necessary for the agent to be installed.
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