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WatchGuard Partners: Get Started with Partner Center

Panda Partner Center is a cloud-based solution that allows WatchGuard Partners to easily and centrally manage customers' lifecycle: from assignment of trial versions to renewal of purchased services and remote product configuration from a centralized web console. In this article, we explain the most common tasks that partners need to know to make the most of Partner Center.

Prerequisites to operate with Partner Center
  • You need a WatchGuard Account ID.
  • You need the serial numbers or license keys of the Panda products you are going to manage for your customers.

How do WatchGuard Partners access Partner Center?
WatchGuard Partners access Partner Center from the WatchGuard Portal for Partners, available at To access, go to the Log in section and enter your credentials.

How to activate your Panda product licenses
To activate the licenses of the product you have purchased, go to, enter your serial number or license key and click the Continue button.

For more information about the activation process, refer to article How to activate my Panda product from my WatchGuard website.

How to manage your Panda products
To manage your licenses, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to My WatchGuard, Manage Panda products and select your product from the list, for example, Adaptive Defense 360.
  2. From the Panda Cloud console, click the Partner Center tile and start managing your license pool.
How to add customers (clients) from your Partner Center
To register or add customers (clients) from Partner Center, the user account has to have Total Control or License and Security Administrator permissions. See the Registering clients online help topic for more information.

How to allocate trial product and module licenses from Partner Center
In the Status tab, Monitoring section:
  • To add a trial for an existing client, click the client name and then click Add Product.
  • To add a trial for a new client, click Add Client and complete the steps in the wizard.

See Assigning trial licenses online topic for more information on trial license allocation.

How to allocate commercial product and module licenses from Partner Center

How to modify allocated products and licenses
As part of the daily management of customers, partners may need to change the licenses or even upgrade the products allocated to adapt the service to the changing needs of their customers.
The following restrictions apply when changing the number of licenses or the products allocated to customers:
  • It is not possible to reduce the number of licenses in use individually. The number of licenses can only be reduced if it is done along with an early renewal within the last three months of the license period.
  • Reductions and changes to the license period are applied instantly to clients. Also, partially used and reduced licenses are NOT returned to the partner's license pool.
  • You can only change from a product to a superior product in the same family.
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