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Threat LevelModerate threat
DistributionNot widespread


Chir.B activates when the attachment is run. From that moment, the worm has the following effects:

  • It infects files with the following extensions: EXE, SCR, HTM and HTML.
  • On the first day of each month, it overwrites the first 4,660 bytes of files with the following extensions: ADC, R.DB, DOC and XLS.

Infection strategy 

Chir.B creates the following files:

  • RUNOUCE.EXE, in the Windows system directory. This file is a copy of the worm.
  • README.EML, in the directories in which the worm finds and infects files with an HTM and/or HTML extension. This file contains the worm's code in MIME format.

Chir.B creates the following entry in the Windows Registry:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Run
    Runonce = %sysdir%\ runouce.exe

    where %sysdir% is the system directory.
    By creating this entry, Chir.B ensures that it is run whenever Windows is started.

Means of transmission 

Chir.B spreads itself via e-mail. It follows the routine below:

  • It reaches the computer in an e-mail message with the following characteristics:

    Sender: one of the following:

    %sender's name% is coming!

    Message: it does not contain any text.

  • It activates when the attachment is run.
  • It sends itself out to the e-mail addresses it gets from the infected user's Address Book.