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Threat LevelLow threat
DistributionNot widespread


TapSnake.A is a Trojan that affects mobile phones with an Android operating system.

Once installed in the phone, it carries out the following actions:

  • Apparently, it is the popular Snake game:

    TapSnake application
  • However, it is part of the spyware suite called GPS Spy, and, unlike this, TapSnake.A requires geographical information to the GPS of the terminal in order to send the position to a malicious user.
  • Users have to register in order to associate the affected terminal with the GPS Spy software and this way gain access the gathered information:

    User's registration
  • Although users close the application, it remains memory resident and continues sending information about the location of the affected terminal:

    The application is running though it is closed
  • Though users turn off the phone, the application will be automatically run when the phone is restarted.

Means of transmission 

TapSnake.A is part of a spyware suite and can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Further Details  

TapSnake.A is 28,672 bytes in size.