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Threat LevelLow threat
DistributionNot widespread
Common name:TapSnake.A
Technical name:Android/TapSnake.A
Threat level:Medium

It affects mobile phones with an Android operating system. It seems to be the classic game for phones called the Snake, but besides the game, it installs a spyware program which requires geographical infromation to the GPS of the affected user's phone.

Affected platforms:

First detected on:Aug. 24, 2010
Detection updated on:Aug. 31, 2010

Brief Description 


TapSnake.A is a Trojan that affects mobile phones with an Android operating system.

Apparently, it is the popular Snake game, but unlike this, TapSnake.A requires geographical information to the GPS of the terminal in order to send the position to a malicious user, as this game is part of the spyware suite called GPS Spy.

It is necessary that a user (the affected or attacking user) installs the program. Therefore physical access to the terminal is required. Additionally, users have to register in order to associate the affected terminal with the GPS Spy software and this way gain access the gathered information.

TapSnake.A can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Visible Symptoms 


TapSnake.A is difficult to recognize, as it has the appearance of the Snake game, so it does not make users suspect and realize that it also contains a spyware program.